“Spa Na Boso” provides customers with professional pedicure, manicure treatments to relax and revitalize. Preventive treatment and feet health care has become important. In your lifetime your feet cancover a distance of as much as 3 perimeters of the Earth. Physical effort and exercise to our feet are exposed everyday can cause malformations often paintful, unconftable and even embarrassing. As of hand – they testify about as and can be the pride of every person, clean, well-gromed, health. Even if you work very hard manually it is achievable.

Treatment is also recomended for man, remember, woman appreciate well-cared for hands!
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Manicure Spa na boso


Medical Pedicure

Pedicure Medyczny

It is a beauty care treatment designed to eliminate some foot discomfort, nail defects and improve the appearance. It helps keep your foot in excellent condition.

High quality pedicure treatment involves the removal of callus, corns and blisters, cracked heels reduction, correction of ingrown toenails. The treatment regenerates your feet and moisturises your skin. Additional foot massage improve circulation and give you a nice relaxation.


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Medical Pedicure for Seniors

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Diabetes feet care

If you are diabetic, you are more affected by foot problems. Diabetes changes your body‘s ability to fight infections. Can damage blood vessels and blood circulation Impairs in the feet and also cause diabetic neuropathy - nerve damage to the feet. You can make less able to feel pain, you may not notice a foot injury or infection develops.
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Pedicure diabetyka


Your health and safety is our prime concern,
therefore we always use disposable or sterile tools for all beauty treatments.
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